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Bayberry L Shah is a contemporary artist living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  From an early age, she excelled in art and won regional painting competitions while in High School.  Life and career took her to New York where she reignited her love of the arts and began painting again, participating in local exhibits.  Bayberry’s love of nature inspired her to delve deeply into the macro-photography of flowers and plants.  After years of photography around the world, she created a series of paintings, which were exhibited in one-woman shows at the Atlanta and Memphis Botanical Gardens as well as Helsinki, Finland. 

A new passion has crept into her psyche.  Ancient places have always been alluring to her; a standing stone in a field; a dolmen with massive capstones; or a passage grave's interior mysteries.  Once again, she has used her photography to collect images from far-flung locales such as Malta, Brittany, Ireland and Scotland to inspire a focus on early-human artforms.  Her new series, “Dawn of the Creative Spirit” seeks to bring forward the echoes of our ancient ancestors using modern mediums in order to show the common thread of beauty that we share with those early artists.

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