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Painting - Artist Statement

In my past series, I explored the inexhaustible beauty of nature through botanicals and florals.  I have now turned my attention to the creativity and love of beauty that lives within all of us. 


There aren’t many mysteries left in the world, but we don’t have a lot to go on when it comes to the lives of early humanity.  Neolithic people living 5,000 years ago left no writing to tell us their stories but we do have the stone structures they labored upon with great effort and care.  The full purpose of stone circles or elaborate passage graves is unknown to us, but when we see perfect spirals or animals carved into stone, we can feel a kinship with these people.  After so many millennia, we aren’t so different.  We see and appreciate beauty in the same way and have the compulsion to share it with others and immortalized it. 


As an artist, I have inherited this same spirit of creativity and that’s why I have titled my new series, “Dawn of the Creative Spirit.”  Like the macro lens I turned onto flowers in my past series, I seek to turn a spotlight onto the inspiring and often astounding work of our ancestors by showing them in contemporary contexts. 

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