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My Latest Paintings - Characters
I continue to explore early human art with these paintings of characters drawn from the pre-historic age.


Axe Man   SOLD
Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24

A red man with an axe and sword as depicted by ancient people in Finland.  25 other characters are to be found in the background.

This figure is obviously a man of power.  He and the other 25 unique characters found in the background come from petroglyphs found in Finland, Norway and Sweden.  

Petroglyph Paisanos   SOLD
Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 15

Petroglyphs like found in Santa Fe, New Mexico are depicted in primary colors of red, blue and yellow.

Whimsical characters play and dance.  These were pulled from the petroglyphs carved onto rocks outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico (La Cieneguilla).  We enjoyed our hike up to the cliff and were amazed by how numerous and charming they were!

Protector of his World  
Acrylic on Panel Board, 30 x 30

A red character holds up a symbol of the world with 36 other characters hidden withint he stone behind.

The main character of this piece is an odd fellow.  No, that's not a tail, it is his sword.  He is the protector of his realm, symbolized by the labyrinth he holds high.  Many  petroglyph characters from Finland and Sweden feature a sword.  You can see the guy with the axe in the upper left has one.  Can you find the 36 animals, symbols, hunters, warriors...?

Deer Man
Oil on canvas, 24 x 24

A blue deer-man stands with horns and a spear with blue deer jumping behind with a landscape scene.

Our early ancestors  were intimately in touch with nature and their fellow creatures.

Followers of the Winged One. SOLD.
Oil, Pumice and golf leaf on canvas, 16x16

Intriguing characters like found in petroglyphs in the American Southwest stand below with a pumice phoenix bird and gold-leaf spiral sun

Is that a deer-dog?  A bat-man? An Alien?  These and the startled man looking at the winged creature are all from petroglyphs found in the American Southwest.  

Our early ancestors  were intimately in touch with nature and their fellow creatures.

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