My Latest Paintings
I continue to explore early human art with these paintings but on a smaller scale than my Monoliths. 

Through The Ages 
Oil on canvas, 24 x 36

My starting point for this painting was that I love a photo I had taken of a gorgeous piece of stone.  I then worked to see how different Neolithic characters could be worked into the forms.  This is how ancient people would have approached it too.  They might be sitting in the firelight, staring at the shapes on the walls and then realized that a shadow looked like a bear or deer.

Labyrinths 12 x 24  SOLD
Oil & Pumice on canvas

This is a mini-version of my Monoliths: Labyrinths, large-scale painting.  The labyrinth and circles are made from pumice medium, so it is raised above the surface of the a painting.  It is more like sculpting and takes extreme patience to bend it to your will.  I have posted a video showing me working the pumice on my Instagram account:  BayberryDawn.

Moon Deer
Oil on canvas, 12 x 24

This in the style of my large-scale Monolith: Where Is Neolithic painting.  I loved the odd forms of the stone.  I was inspired by a carved sculpture of this deer while visiting Bunratty Castle while in Ireland.  I kept this one pretty simple with just the hunters, a wild boar and some mysterious symbols.  To me, the story became, a mystical deer sits in the moonlight, always hidden from harm by a charmed protection.

A Meeting under the Sun
Oil on canvas, 12 x 24

Ancient deer from Lascaux in France meet up with dogs from the Arabian Peninsula. Symbols carved in stone from Kilmartin, Scotland are balanced by symbols from New Grange, Ireland (Bru na boinne).  It was fun putting the Neolithic characters together for this piece.

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